Academic Tutoring


Oftentimes, this program is utilized in conjunction with one of the arts-based programs to encourage students to be more active in their academic successes.

Students of all ages and abilities can participate in: homework assistance, study skills, test prep and general tutoring to assist with any core subject. Our instructors can also help with special assignments, projects, etc.

Early Childhood Literacy Program

In many urban areas, a great deal of children lack the phonics, phonemic awareness and other skills needed in order to prepare them to be confident readers. Without the proper building blocks of reading, many other areas of school will suffer.  This program targets struggling readers in order to bring them up to grade level and beyond.  It not only strengthens their reading ability, but also strengthens their morale and confidence to conquer all subjects.

After-School Homework Program

Children complete homework assignments under the tutelage of qualified educators and support staff in a pleasant, stress-free environment. Classes are differentiated by grade level from Kindergarten – 8th grade.

Small Group Instruction

Proven educational strategies determine that children learn many things best when they can interact with and learn from their peers. With supervision by a well-qualified educator, this setting provides extra opportunity for personalized instruction. Students are grouped according to grade level and subject area.

Individual Instruction

Offers students the 1-on-1 attention needed to master a certain skill in a particular subject area. This program can also be utilized to prepare for written or oral presentations and special projects.

SAT Preparation

(Diagnostic Assessment will be administered upon completion of the course and feedback will be provided.) This program covers all aspects of the SAT in Critical Reading, Writing and Mathematical Reasoning. Students will receive specialized instruction in a small group setting with emphasis on test-taking strategies and content. The students will take practice SAT exams in a simulated test-taking environment and will be provided feedback. Upon completion, students will be provided with take-home study material that maximizes learning gains.

GED Preparation

This course will help students develop the additional reading and thinking skills needed to succeed in all five GED test areas: Writing Skills, Social Studies, Science, Literature, and Math. After completion of this course, you should be well-equipped to take and pass the GED test!