City of Miami Parks Partnership

city-of-miami-park-me-1Basketball courts and sports fields are no longer just for sports! The Motivational Edge, City of Miami District 1 and Commissioner Willy Gort have teamed up to bring Lyrical Expression and Audio Recording programming to youth at two city parks. These programs lay a solid foundation for a multitude of career choices for youth as it increases cognitive thought and teaches the skill of adaptation while under pressure.

As an initial form to recruit participants, we formed cyphers and freestyle battles on the playing fields in order to generate excitement. Now, twice a week, our Teaching Artists at Kinloch Park work with those students to develop lyrics, thoughts and beats as well as learn about recording, software, tools and the music industry.

“We have seen this to be an extremely effective and unique approach, truly reaching youth in their element and immediately gaining a level of trust.” – Ian Welsch, ME Founder/CEO

Programming at Kinloch Park launched December 2015 and programming at Grapeland Park is scheduled to start February 2016, with an estimate of 50 kids per park being served this year, thanks to the matching funds provided thanks by Commissioner Gort. Currently we are exploring the possibilities of incorporating additional components such as after-school programming, urban arts and dance.

“These programs are of significant importance to our young residents.  I feel that music is one of the best ways to educate our children.” – Commissioner Gort, City of MIami District 1

Programs, services and partnerships such as these are vital to the sustainability of improving the quality of life for many of our community’s underserved and under-resourced youth. It provides them with opportunities to explore new talents and find hope for a bright better future.