The Motivational Edge @ Educate Tomorrow

Students in the Educate Tomorrow program, held at the University of Miami, took a break from computer programming to participate in multiple workshops with The Motivational Edge that spanned 3 weeks in length. Educate Tomorrow is an organization dedicated to making higher education attainable for disadvantaged youths, including current and former homeless and foster youth and young adults. Teaching Artists Gerald ‘NovaSound’ Campbell and Lakshmi Ruiz guided the group through both the creative and technical processes of creating and performing music. 

The workshop began with a brainstorming session on song concepts and titles, and a tutorial on creating sound effects with hands, feet and vocal chorus. “Just an hour into the session the students had already selected a hard-hitting instrumental and began writing,” said Teaching Artist Gerald. 

Students in the program already had strong technical skills, having spent the past few weeks learning CSS computer programming. Mentors also took time to teach DMX programming, a control system for lighting. “The students learned a little of every production element from sound design and writing, to recording and elements of show production,” said Gerald. 

“Educate Tomorrow Scholars loved the Music and Art programming provided by Motivation Edge!”

-Devin Floyd

Educate Tomorrow, Director of Mentoring

Youth also participated in ME’s Urban Arts program throughout the summer. These Arts and creative experiences for youth in high risk and unstable situations gives them a voice. Art programs lead by our  professional Teaching Artists allowed the Educate Tomorrow youth to engage with art for personal exploration. They learned to express their identity and communicate their experiences in an artistic way that removes stigma and breaks out of social isolation for healing and rebuilding toward stability

The group’s song, “Don’t Ask Why” is streaming now on our soundcloud station.