July 2017

The Motivational Edge @ Educate Tomorrow

June 2017

Larry Johnson speaks with youth at Miami-Dade Juvenile Detention Center School

Happenings at The Motivational Edge

SIPP Youth – a Breakthrough Moment

Hillsborough County Children’s Services

May 2017

954 Presents Broward Beats

March 2017

Happenings at The Motivational Edge

– Columbia University School of Social Work Partnership

February 2017

– Kareem Fletcher Promoted to Arts Director

– Airbnb Donates Art Supplies Via Host Club Members

– Chapman Partnership Youth Create Vision Boards

November 2016

Happenings at The Motivational Edge

October 2016

– Meet ME’s Newest Interns: Ashley & Dave

September 2016

– My First Year Working with The Motivational Edge

August 2016

– The Motivational Edge Now Services the Tampa Youth Community

–  Happenings at The Motivational Edge

July 2016

– Santi goes to Berklee!‎

January 2016

– Motivational Edge Now Provides Lyrical Expression to Juvenile Delinquents

– City of Miami Parks Partnership 

December 2015

– Utilizing The Arts As A Therapeutic Tool

 Providing Services To Adults At Camillus House And Health

 KIND Café: an #iChooseArt Experience (Art Basel 2015)

November 2015

– The Motivational Edge Fuses Music & Technology For Local Youth

– October Employee Of The Month: Marcy Suarez

October 2015

– Irie Foundation Allapattah Music and Literacy Center Quarter 1 Student Spotlight Award

– September Employee Of The Month: Adrian “Rocky” Gonzalez

August 2015

– 2015 Music & Art Student Showcase

July 2015

– A Message From Jose Hernandez On His Experience At Berklee College of Music

May 2015

– Happenings At The Motivational Edge, Digital Newsletter

August 2014

– 2014 Student Showcase of Art & Excellence

July 2014

 Irie Foundation Partnership

February 2014

– Lyrical Expression and Audio Recording Classes for Teens