The Art of Creative Writing

and Lyrical Expression 


Behind the scenes of our latest Lyrical Expression class.

The Art of Creative Writing and Lyrical Expression

This inspirational program takes youth on a journey of self-discovery through creative writing, songwriting and lyrical expression, while at the same time offering a rare and safe outlet for them to positively express themselves without being judged. It also provides youth with an opportunity to learn various aspects of audio technology, performance etiquette and recording procedures, while integrating components of literacy into the program, which translates into the academic setting.

Youth participating in this course will show improvements in:

  • Writing and Language Arts
  • Growth of character and self-worth
  • Increased motivation in and out of school
  • Designed for students in 6th grade and up
  • 32 instructional hours with continuation expected.
    • Usually consisting of a minimum of one, 8-week program;
    • 2-hour classes, 2 times per week.
  • Guest musicians, producers, etc. will be included
  • Costs include all supplies/materials
  • Option 1: Up to 8 students. Single-teacher approach.
  • Option 2: Up to 16 students. Two-teacher approach.